Burning Questions: Using Big Questions That Lead to Big Learning

It was the early days of remote learning. I was staring at a screen full of avatars, as not a single 12th grade student had their camera on. I was talking into the void, unsure if anyone was listening or learning. I missed their faces. I missed their jokes. I missed their interruptions, comments, questions and most of all, I missed the connection. On the screen, I couldn’t see the ah-ha faces or the looks of confusion. I couldn’t tell if they were drifting or most importantly, if they were okay. But then, I asked some big questions, and the magic was back. 

Dear Lydia

I have recently been exposed to techniques for a more student-centered education and the concepts instantly clicked. PBL, experiential, simulations ― the stories all warm my heart and reinvigorate me about this career. The problem is, most of that stuff doesn’t work when you’re responsible for teaching sentence structure, or reading classic texts, or writing essays. It feels like I finally found my calling, but I’m trapped just inches away from it. 

Incentivizing With Swagger

I still remember my first year of teaching like it was yesterday. I thought I knew what I was up against. Heck, so many teachers who came before me warned me not to smile before Christmas. But I couldn’t imagine entering a classroom every day where the teacher was purposefully miserable, shut off, flat. Not […]